12670169 1082448978472592 5117926485491574470 n4 Generations at Work, the new book by Patricia Hatley is now available through Amazon.com

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The book that tells you how to develop an engaging culture, for anyone. Inspired leadership fires intrinsic motivation and engagement. People are happier. Teamwork and innovation thrive. Your success today depends on your ability to empower others. Successful leadership is about giving others a voice so they can think for themselves. A revised and expanded version of her first book, 4 Generations @ Work, (2011), this publication includes information based on the author’s recent research and experience, as well as life-long experience, on how to create an empowered culture—a culture that aspires to everyone, including the younger generations.

You will find:

• Intergenerational values and preferences, creating understanding, reducing conflict, engagement, etc.;

• The Plurals--the next generation to flood the work force. Plurals are different than any generation yet, but require many of the same things in the workplace that their colleagues, the Gen Ys, do;

• How to develop an empowered culture, and why such a culture is critical to success today and even more so over the next decade;

• “The Trust Factor” importance and basics;

• “The Power of Ask,” what it is, how it works, and how crucial it is to success;

• “Listening to Understand,” wholehearted listening basics;

• “Integrity today” what it looks like and why it is different and crucial to success;

• “Diversity and Inclusion,” what it looks like today, why, importance, and how to create a working culture of diversity and inclusion.

4 Generations at Work:

A Case for Empowerment.


The revised edition by Patricia Hatley is now available through Amazon.com

Click here to purchase a copy