I had an opportunity to work with Pat to help plan the marketing strategy for her book.  As such, I became very familiar with the book’s treatise.  I found the subject of four generations in the workplace fascinating and enlightening.  Pat is on the cutting edge of a subject about which any other material is sorely lacking.  Her theories, backed up by data gathered while writing her thesis and her continued research, will enable management to optimize each generation’s strengths and mitigate their weaknesses. 

Working with Pat was very refreshing.  She knows her strengths, which are many, but she also knows when to seek expert help.  She is open and willing to learn.  She is able to take abstract concepts and make them a reality for her circumstances. 

I believe Pat’s book will have a significant impact on organizational management in today’s (and tomorrow’s) market.  I highly recommend all managers read it.

Ann Johnson  ~  Business Partner

I have known Pat for some time and had the privilege of reviewing her work in regards to Generational Values.  Having a background in leading large groups of people and facilitating leadership development training, I can say without hesitation that Pat’s work is right on!  It addresses an area that is critically important for leaders to know in order to move their organizations forward.  It is imperative as leaders that we understand and communicate effectively with people. By understanding their value systems—acquired, inherent, and generational—we can communicate more effectively, whereby we are able to inspire them to a high level of performance.  Her work should be read by every leader and practiced on a daily basis. 

David Quick  ~  United Health Care

If you aspire to lead in a twenty-first century organization or business, this book is for you.  Although much has been written about the characteristics of a multi-generational work force, surprisingly little has been written about leading such a work force and in doing so, embracing the opportunities such a work force offers.  Pat's book fills in the gaps

Dr. Jane M. Everson  ~  Educator and Author

4 Generations at Work:

A Case for Empowerment.


The revised edition by Patricia Hatley is now available through Amazon.com

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